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Looking to build your Digital Understanding? You’ve come to the right place!
Our Digital Mums have a range of courses and (in person) workshops to help you grow your understanding of the online space, website development, social media, video creation – we got you!

PERTH – B Fabulous on Facebook
(with a hint of Insta)

Tuesday 9th April 9.30 to 1pm
Flourish Centre – 32 Stirling

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your online presence? Are you tired of fighting to ‘be seen’ amongst all the competitive noise on Facebook? Have you been wondering if Facebook is even worth your time? Will it REALLY help your business THAT MUCH?? (Spoiler alert, the answer is yes).

This workshop has been designed to instil knowledge & boost confidence in both small biz owners and bloggers so that you may go forth to create your brand identity, talk to your audience and establish marketing strategies on the Facebook and Instagram platforms that woo your existing customers and entice new ones to follow you.

This workshops covers –

  • Creating the ultimate profile
  • Tips & tricks to encourage engagement
  • Content planning and strategising
  • Scheduling
  • How to read & understand your analytics and utilise this skill for the greater good
  • A quick glimpse at how to kick butt on Instagram

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Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

Want to be a VA but have absolutely no idea where to even begin? VA Institute has a super personalised one-on-one program where participants come away with ALL the tools required to step into a career path as a VA, plus some amazing additional inclusions that are all relevant and critical to setting up a successful home-based VA business.

Your Personalised Training is delivered one-to-one via either:

  • an online meeting platform with face to face sessions
  • a full day one-one-one workshop (at a location convenient to you)
  • an Intensive Workshop held over 2 nights / 3 days (one-on-one)
  • In conjunction with the Formal Training (as outlined above), we work
    together for a total of 6 weeks to ensure your business is launched correctly

The Program is personally delivered by Ingrid Bayer who has been a VA since 2008, and has built up years of experience in the Australian Virtual Assistant Industry.

SEO Nibbles

A free mini course to boost your confidence and get you started with SEO.

You know that getting to grips with Google is essential to your business. But for most, the thought of dipping your toe in the Search Engine Optimisation pond fills you with dread. I’m guessing you’ve been avoiding tackling SEO for one of four main reasons:

  1. You feel it’s too technical for you to grasp.
  2. You worry that SEO changes all the time and you’ll never be able to keep up.
  3. You’re confused by all the conflicting information you’ve found online.
  4. You fear you don’t have time to do it yourself or the money to pay an expert.

That’s where this mini course can help, by completing this 100% free mini course you’ll get:

  • A sound understanding of how SEO works
  • The confidence you need to embark on your SEO journey
  • The first steps towards boosting your traffic and conversions
  • An understanding of whether you should pay for SEO or aim for DIY
  • A source of truth that you can trust with your questions and concerns

You’ll receive an email each day with an educational tutorial and a practical exercise to complete.

WordPress Essentials: for creatives & virtual assistants

So you want to learn web design to expand your business, but not sure where to begin?
You’ve come to the right place!
In a self-paced, online classroom environment, you will learn how to build and maintain WordPress web sites with the aim of selling web design services to your own clients.
Meg will take you through every part of the WordPress build & design process, including:
  • Web design terminology and information gathering
  • Installing & configuring WordPress
  • Essential plugins
  • Creating content for your site
  • Best practice for web images
  • Designing a site using web themes
  • How to maintain the site
  • Securing a web site
  • Common errors and how to fix them, pronto!
  • Plus some extra-special additions your clients will love!
The course is neatly divided into bite-sized video chunks that will allow you to absorb the information more easily and implement as you go.  Take the course as you build a site, or just follow along to gain an understanding.
There are no set timelines for this course, so you can complete it in your own time, at your own pace.
The best part – no technical skills are required.

Define Your Ideal Customer

Do you want to effortlessly attract customers with marketing that really works?
All successful marketing strategies start with a detailed understanding of who you’re targeting, and that’s exactly what this workshop is all about.

Who is this for?
If you’re a business owner just starting out, or if you want to improve your marketing results, this is for you!
Maybe you’re struggling to identify an ideal customer because you have a broad market appeal.
Or, maybe you don’t know how to profile your ideal customer and need a bit of help!

What do we cover?

  • Defining your niche
  • Creating your ideal customer avatar
  • Identifying what makes them buy and when to approach them
  • How to write your marketing message for ads
  • How to write your elevator pitch

You’ll join me LIVE for 90 minutes where you’ll take part in an interactive workshop – this means you’ll be actually doing the exercises in the workshop and have the chance for live feedback.

If you have a course or workshop event that you think might be of interest to our audience, please contact for more details of advertising on this site.

How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads

Generate Leads Automatically by capturing someone’s details within the Facebook platform, users click on an ad and complete a form pre-filled with their Facebook details. An effective way to build your email database list.

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