Caitlin Wright

New South Wales

Hi, I'm Caitlin.

I’m an SEO website copywriter, freelance journalist and online editor.

Are you looking for someone to write some blogs or press releases for your business? Or perhaps you'd like some SEO content advice for your website. I can help!

I have 15 years' experience working as an online editor and journalist in both Sydney and London. I've worked for big companies like Yahoo7, Skype and 7News online and lots of smaller ones too. I know how to write the type of articles people want to click on. As a freelancer, I've written for SBS, Kidspot, Mamamia, Britax, Bupa and more.

As a web copywriter, I can write your website content from scratch to help you sell your product or service to new and existing customers. I've completed the Recipe for SEO Success Course and I use best practice SEO principles to increase your ranking on Google and to help you find a new audience for your product.

Thanks to my journalism experience, I’m super efficient and accurate with my work. I’m easy going and like to work with you to get the information we need so I can write the copy that works.

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How to Contact Me
Phone: 0401236466

I do not wish to be kept informed on news and updated from the Digital Mums Directory.