Miranda Mayle


Gorgeous pictures that make your product/service shine and get your business noticed, combined with on point imagery that talks to your ideal client and builds your brand as a must have, is well.. a must have!  Let’s create exceptional images for you to use on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, LinkedIn, email marketing, business cards, printed promotional materials – the list is endless!

I get it’s hard work wearing all the hats in a business and doing all the roles, so it’s important you value your time and focus your energy on the parts of your business you love.  I understand what it’s like juggling a business with family trying to divide your time between both.  So I listen to understand your brand vision and values as quickly as possible.  I professionally photograph your story in an authentic and genuine way, to form a deeper connection with your ideal audience.  And there is no time wasted – there isn’t endless back and forward to plan the session, a shoot can be a short as an hour and is never more than half a day and as you get all the images, you don’t have to spend extra time narrowing down your favorite photos from a large gallery of proofs.

You also save money because you get all the insta-worthy images.  I have to do the same amount of work whether you want one image or all of them – so why you should pay more?

I get its sometimes hard to push past the inner critic and get yourself in front of the camera – its something I struggle with too.  But in today’s online market its become a necessity.  We’ll make it fun, I’ve got a heap of posing tips and I’m determined to create photos you love!

I make your business stand out, in a way that’s fun and easy, saves you time and money and creates photos you adore.  I take as little of your valuable time as possible so you can do more of those bits of  your business you enjoy and take more time to spend with family and friends!

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Phone: 0456988117
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