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I am a mum of two "older" children that still live at home, having done administration over the last 15 years for various people and family members, I am no stranger to computers and the internet, so doing remote work was a natural progression. My main aim is to help out small to medium business owners with their back office work, I know how hard it is to juggle owning/running a business and have a family life, so I offer my services to help those that would like to have more time for family.

I know budgets are everything, and I have packages that are fair and affordable to everyone.

I am willing to take on ANY challenge that can be thrown at me. I have a passion for learning new things to make myself better and to expand my knowledge. If I haven't used a system before, I will by the end of the day, as I will go and learn it, and learn it quickly. No job is to big or small, I will tackle anything.

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Phone: 0421190876
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Example Of A Social Media Account I Manage:

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