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Congrats, you’ve found the best page on our website – FREEBIES!! – resources prepared and created by our Digital Mums to help you grow your online business. Some you can download straight away, others will require you to provide your email address.

Starting Your Online Business

Top 10 Facebook Groups for Aussie Mums

Cheatsheet – Email Required

With FREE Cheatsheet so you know exactly what days to post questions and when you can promote your business products and/or services. This popular cheat sheet will help you network with other Australian Mums and grow your business reach through Facebook Groups.
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Build Your Own Customer Avatar

Workbook – Email Required

Want to get better results from your marketing efforts? The number one success factor is having a detailed ‘ideal customer’ profile so you can effectively target them. Use this simple template to create a customer avatar so you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach this person every time.
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Create Your Customer Profile

Workbook – Email Required
The premise of social selling using content is that you are able to connect with your ‘Ideal Customer’, these are the people who are going to convert into paying customers. Understanding WHO you are talking to is pretty much the corner stone to your content. It helps to know;
a) What matters to them, this is more important than what matters to you! These are your people!
b) Where you can reach them. Why would you pay for a Instagram ads campaign if they only hang out on Pinterest?
c) How you can entice them with the right lead magnet – something that appeals to them.

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Google Analytics Guide for Beginners

E-Book – No Signup Required

In order to gauge the performance and success of your website, marketing and social media activity you need the systems in place to enable you to measure this activity -Google Analytics can support Small Business Owners with this, and this guide, will help you understand the very basics to get you started.
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7 Must Have Wordpress Plugins

Checkist – Email Required

Building a WordPress website might seem daunting, but with a bit of guidance and know how, you can build yourself a WOW! website that both your visitors and Google will love. One of the aspects that I find confuses people the most about WordPress is the plugins. Which ones are best? Which ones do I really need? I’ve broken them down into my top 7 plugins that go onto almost every website.
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How to Market on Social Media

Guide – Email Required

Possum Digital are the social media marketing professionals, and this guide is the result of 10 years of digital marketing expertise that’s yours to download – FREE!

This simple step-by-step guide helps you:

  • Plan a social media strategy you can implement right away
  • Schedule your daily and weekly social media marketing activities
  • Save time with handy hints to maximise your social media campaign

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Act & Achieve 90 Day Plan Template

Template – Email Required

Do you struggle to turn your big ideas into actionable plans?

All the ideas and just the idea of business planning can be so overwhelming, and so many business owners get stuck in thinking about what they should be doing (and knowing what will make a big difference in their business and lives) but never moving forward to actually do the things that need to be done.

Small businesses need agile, short term plans, and a simple way to map out goals and tasks. This 90 day plan template will help you decide the key projects that are going to help you achieve your goals.

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Which Web Builder is best for your job?

eBook – Email Required
Knowing which web building tool is often the most confusing step when planning for a web site. In this FREE eBook, find out how some of the top web builders compare, and what they can do for your business

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DIY Website Development Project Planning Workbook

Workbook – Email Required

Building your own website requires some planning to get your project started AND completed with all the features and finishes of a professional job. The DIY Website Workbook will walk you through creating your sitemap, identifying your website features and functionality, and define project parameters.
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Online Presence Goals 

Checklist – Signup Required

Download this free checklist to help you easily map out the elements of your online presence you want to focus on this year that will start building your online presence, authority and reach.
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10 Tips for Building Your Own Web Site

eBook – Email Required
This FREE eBook gives you everything you need to know before you build your first web site. Have a clear vision of the site you need to build and the steps you need to get it done. This ebook is essential for all small businesses whether you DIY your site or outsource it to a designer.
10 Tips for building your own web site

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Growing Your Online Business

SEO Nibbles 

Free Course – Email Required

A free mini course to boost your confidence and get you started with SEO. By completing this 100% free mini course you’ll get:

  • A sound understanding of how SEO works
  • The confidence you need to embark on your SEO journey
  • The first steps towards boosting your traffic and conversions
  • An understanding of whether you should pay for SEO or aim for DIY
  • A source of truth that you can trust with your questions and concerns

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One Page Marketing Planner 

Worksheet – Email Required

Follow my one page marketing planner to simplify your marketing approach and amplify your results. Ditch overwhelm, get organised and watch your business grow.
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7 Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Email

Cheat Sheet – Email Required

Learn how to structure your emails for top open rates and conversions.
Research shows that you have about three seconds to grab your reader’s attention before they hit the delete button. And that’s only after they’ve decided to open your email in the first place!
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Create Click Worthy Headlines 

Swipe File – Email Required

If you want to know more about how to write headlines that encourage people to open or click-through, then download this swipe file.
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Checklist – Email Required

Help your customers find you easily online and drive more traffic – without advertising! Optimise and Grow Online have put together a free guide showing you how easy it is to get started with search engine optimisation. Download these Top 10 SEO Basics that can expand your online presence.
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Sales Funnel Map 

Worksheet – Email Required

Where are you leading your ideal clients? Learn how to map out your sales funnel to convert more website visitors and social followers into paying customers.
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Becoming Unstuck – 7 Simple Tools to Get Over Overwhelm and Make Progress in Your Business

Overwhelm is the curse of every committed and passionate business owner.

It occurs when you really care about your products, services and customers, and have a great big vision for what your business will be, but feel “stuck” on how to actually start making progress. I developed the exercises in this workbook to use with my private coaching clients to help them sift through the clutter; the fairy-floss in their head that is making them feel stuck and get back on the right track to achieve their business goals.

Facebook ads Success 

e-book – Email Required

Facebook advertising is a game changer for small businesses. That is, if you know what you’re doing. Learn how to set up a Facebook ads campaign that works and enjoy a piece of this profitable pie.
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5 Day Challenge for Email Marketing

Online Course – Email Required

There’s a lot of buzz around email marketing at the moment, especially in light of some recent changes in the dreaded Facebook algorithm. Are our posts even being seen on social media these days? If you’re feeling vulnerable putting your eggs in the ‘social media’ basket, you are certainly not alone.
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The Ultimate Content Planner 

Worksheet – Email Required

Coming up with content that connects and converts can be challenging at best of times. This planner is terrific! It will help you focus on what is important and plan your content strategically with ease.
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Must Have WordPress Plugins

It’s fantastic that we have so much choice for plugins, but it’s also a bit of a trap. So, it’s important to carry out due diligence when selecting a plugin to avoid (or at least try to avoid) any issues.

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